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Our review of the @norfolknetwork #ArtificialIntelligence talk

What does Artificial Intelligence (AI) mean to you? Will it enslave us or set us free? Do you fear it, hate it, love it or just accept it?

The nature of AI and what it means for humanity has become one of the big philosophical issues of our time. Computer processing speeds have been accelerating since the development of the microchip. Suddenly we are contemplating the idea of machines not simply being fast but being clever – perhaps even sentient.

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Artificial Intelligence versus Human Ingenuity

True Artificial Intelligence could upend our sense of place in the world. It could challenge our ideas about ethics, equality, work and freedom. It could ultimately challenge our very existence.

It will certainly change the way we work – and it already has. Weak AI is ubiquitous in many industries – so much so that it is practically invisible. How people and businesses are adapting to this new world was the focus of a recent Norfolk Network talk.

Guests included:

  • AI expert Dom Davis,
  • Lawyer Kitty Rosser,
  • Recruitment consultant Mark Fletcher,
  • Accountant St John Richardson,
  • UEA business school graduate Bijan Arasteh.

You can read our review of the event here on LinkedIn.

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