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Blogging to raise funds for #charity.

Are you blogging for a cause?

Why bother blogging when there are already so many blogs out there? Some people do it simply because they feel compelled to write – or, as Juvenal apparently said: “Tenet insanabile multos scribendi cacoethes.” Others do it because they want to share interesting ideas, or build a community, or simply write about the things they love.

Some bloggers have turned their passion into a business by monetising the traffic to their site (by selling goods and services online or by accepting sponsorship and ads). While many businesses now blog to attract potential customers to their website. The best produce engaging and useful copy (the worst simply churn out ‘clickbait’).

We write two blogs: a personal one for pleasure and this one, which is more business focused. Rather than monetising either of them, we’ve decided to do something a little different. We’re going to use them to raise the profile of a different local charity each year, starting in January 2015.

Every time we post a blog, we will include a link to a JustGiving page dedicated to our chosen charity. With your help – by donating and by sharing the blogs – we will raise our annual target of £99. We will then select a new charity at the start of the new year.

Supporting vulnerable children in our community

We chose to support Nelson’s Journey in 2015 because they support bereaved children in Norfolk. As you can imagine, losing a parent or other significant person in your life is devastating, particularly when you’re young. Bereaved children often need more support than their grieving relatives can give – and that’s where Nelson’s Journey can help with special counselling and other activities.

If you enjoy our posts or find them useful or interesting, please give £5 (or more if you can – the average is £15) to Nelson’s Journey today. Using JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your money goes direct to the charity, saving them time and helping them cut costs.

We will post this donation button on all our blogs in 2015. We hope to hit our target of £99 by the end of the year. We will then select a new charity for 2016. If you think this is a good idea – please feel free to copy it and support your favourite charity.

What will your money buy?

Nelson’s Journey has provided us with a handy guide to the sort of thing they could buy with your money:

  • £5 could buy a teddy bear for a bereaved child
  • £10 could buy a Nelson’s Journey hoodie, which go to all children and young people who receive 1:1 support or attend an activity day or therapeutic weekend
  • £20 could buy bereavement work books for children
  • £50 could buy resources used by our Child Bereavement Support Workers during 1:1 support sessions, such as a Memory Box, art and craft materials, therapeutic work books, a Memory Bear and so on
  • £300 could fund a place for a bereaved young person on a therapeutic weekend
  • £522 could pay for a child’s needs assessment, attendance on a therapeutic weekend and 1:1 follow-up work
  • £7,200 could pay for 24 children to attend a therapeutic weekend.

As you can see, even a small amount can help – and a large amount can go a long way to transforming young lives.

Thank you for your support – and for reading this post.

Kind regards

Wendy and Huw Sayer

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  24. Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign in 2015 (by donating and sharing posts). You’ve helped us hit our target of £99 for Nelson’s Journey. We will now choose a new charity to support with our blogs in 2016. Look out for an announcement around the New Year. Best wishes Huw and Wendy.

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