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Learn how to engage on social media

We can show you how to build your audience

Are you connecting on twitter, leading on LinkedIn, and finding fans on facebook? Are you engaging with relevant audiences? In short, is social media working for you?

If your answer is ‘no’ or ‘not sure’, please talk to us. As with all good conversations, we’ll start by listening – to you, your customers and key influencers in your industry or community. This is because we personalise our social media services to meet your needs rather than simply automating them.

Our aim is to help you represent your brand accurately and authentically. It involves us asking quite a few questions to gain a better understanding of your business. We will then work with you (like a team member not a supplier) to develop your social media strategy and your voice.

Here are the Social Media skills we can help you develop:

  • Identifying how social media fits with your sales and marketing strategy
  • Creating social media accounts (such as twitter and LinkedIn), if you’ve not yet started
  • Auditing your current social media profiles and activities
  • Researching your audience – who you should be listening to and talking to, and why
  • Growing your network naturally (and segmenting it where possible)
  • Engaging in authentic conversations with relevant people
  • Researching your business stories and planning your content
  • Writing and posting original content for your blog or for LinkedIn Pulse
  • Editing, polishing and posting content drafted by you or your team
  • Curating content that resonates with your audience (using tools like Storify or Paperli).

Your customers want to talk to you, not to us

The one thing we won’t do is offer to run your social media accounts day-to-day. That’s because we believe social media is your opportunity to engage directly with your customers. They don’t want an outsourced relationship, they want to talk to you and your team.

However, we’re happy to work with you to define your social media strategy and support your on-going content creation. We can run executive social media workshops to build your team’s capabilities. We can even work with you for one or two days a week until you’re confident of running your own social media. It’s entirely up to you.

You keep control of your social media

We will always agree costs and timings in advance. We will also ensure you keep control of your accounts (including protecting your passwords). Above all, we’ll ensure your online personality stays true to your brand.

Let’s talk

Give us a call and let’s talk it through. We can then put together a bespoke package for you to consider. Better still, if you’re in London or the East of England, let’s discuss your needs over coffee.

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