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Is it better to blog on #LinkedIn or your own site?

Fingers on the Pulse

We recently discovered that LinkedIn (LI) had enabled us to post blogs on its Pulse news feed. Although we’d heard they were rolling out this feature, we thought it was only going to a select few. No one told us we had the feature either – we just noticed the little pen icon had appeared in our profile update bar.

Who gains the most?

LI appears to be transforming itself from a networking and news aggregation site to a source of business news and views. As such, it is keen to get more fresh content from a larger pool of authors than traditional media companies. The question for bloggers is whether to post on LI or their own site.

With LI you can build a bigger audience and do so faster than you might with your own site. But this deprives your site of fresh content and leaves LI in control of your audience. You will be an unpaid writer for a large and profitable media company – hoping for payback in the form of increased exposure.

An experiment, with promising results

Our temporary answer (while we consider this question) is to post on LinkedIn and then to post a link on this site as a bookmark. So here is the link to our first post: Is volunteering is worth the effort? Note: this post has generated 135 views, 6 comments and 8 likes so far – which is more than we would expect on this site.

Please let us know your views on posting on LinkedIn instead of on your own blog. Is it a good or bad thing for writers? Thank you for reading.

We’re blogging for charity

We’re using our blogs to raise money for @NelsonsJourney who help children dealing with bereavement – here’s why.

If you like our posts or find them useful or interesting, please give £5 (or more if you can – the average is £15) to Nelson’s Journey. Donating with JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your money goes direct to the charity, saving the charity time and helping them cut costs.

We are posting this donation button on all our blogs for the next year. We hope to hit our target of £99 by the end of 2015. We will then select a new charity for 2016. If you think this is a good idea – please feel free to copy it and support your favourite charity.

Thank you for your support.


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