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Ten business stories that caught our eye… February 2018

We hope you enjoy these posts about business, marketing, technology and creativity.

1. Fascinating Scriberia post on how embracing new creative skills can improve your communications. Could mastering dance, music, acting, or drawing give you a fresh perspective and boost your career?

2. Good arguments from Iva Cheung on why all writing – businesses, government, healthcare, legal or academic – needs to be more approachable and less condescending. Plain language not only conveys information, it can also dramatically change how a person feels about that information.

3. Will robots replace business writers? Thankfully not. It seems emotion, context and understanding natural language are all still down to us.

4. How do you get people to talk about your event on social media? It takes more than a hashtag. Joe Stevens, at Big Dog, talks about the importance of giving people opportunities to create interesting, beautiful or unique content for themselves.

5. What is currently preoccupying Chief Marketing Officers? Edelman Intelligence shows how it uses natural language processing (NLP) to identify and analyse emerging trends in media and social conversations.

6. According to Cone Communications: “more than 9-in-10 Millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause.” That’s why Kelsey Chong, from Berkeley Haas, says successful companies must prioritise CSR.

7. With some 7,000 creative companies, one in four Icelanders have jobs in creative careers. And a whopping one in ten have published a book. What makes them so creative? Is it because “every Icelandic male knows how to knit, and every female knows how to use tools”?

8. Marketers are failing to connect with the over-50s. In fact, 85% of Brits aged 50+ believe ads aimed at older people rely on stereotypes and 79% feel patronised by advertisers. Do you need to think differently about how you engage with this important audience?

9. James Ehrlich, Tech entrepreneur and Stanford lecturer, has a vision of a different way of life. Where your home is also a farm, water supply, power generator and high tech community. Could these eco villages solve the world’s housing, food and water shortages?

10. Flexible working is now for everyone, not just mums. Around 87% of full-time employees either work flexibly already or wish they could. Check out the TimewisePower50 for inspiration on how others have made it work for them and their company.

What has caught your eye? Feel free to share your sources of inspiration in the comments below – or tweet us @Business_Write.

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