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Does your writing work for your business?

Is your corporate copy adding value to your brand? Are your audiences engaged and informed by your content? Do your communications inspire employees and reassure investors?

Remember: it is not just what you write but how you write that shapes people’s perceptions of you. Your choice of words, your tone of voice, even the way you share ideas: they all matter. As UX expert John Maeda makes clear, good writing is now as important to the user experience as good design.

If you are struggling to create corporate communications for print or web, we can help. Whether you need us to research, write or edit content, we have the skills to turn complex ideas into clear, convincing copy. Our purpose is to empower people, build brands and inspire change.

As the Cluetrain Manifesto said, “Markets are conversations.” – We believe honest writing can open up those conversations with customers, suppliers and employees. Direct writing, whether for marketing or team building, will encourage people to engage with your messages.

Effective writing requires a detailed understanding of your business and empathy for your audiences. Clarity creates credibility – but it takes valuable time, hard thinking and real focus. That’s why it’s more productive for busy executives to use a professional writer.

“Just got round to reading this. It’s really great. I don’t have any amends, not
even minor ones. Thank you! It is so refreshing to get
such a thorough, well structured article.”

Senior Digital Editor at an award winning content marketing agency.

Conversations are campfires for our mind. They bring people together and are fuelled by ideas.

We write for real people like you.

We specialise in writing copy that creates engaging conversations. Our narratives will inform, involve and inspire your employees, customers, and business partners. We’ve been crafting copy like this for companies, communities and government agencies since 1998.

We’ve written about financial services, alternative investments, and risk management. We have explained the benefits of chemicals, bio-tech, renewable energy and advanced engineering. We’ve even made paints interesting and a publisher’s strategy readable.

Our experience includes bringing alive the personal stories of people from diverse cultures. We’ve raised the profile of technology startups – and the Norwich TechNation cluster. We’ve also championed artisan food and drink producers, as well as agritech institutes.

Digital creative agencies commission us to write articles about health and safety. We interview business leaders from multinationals about talent management and employee engagement. Our PR stories appear on local TV, in business magazines and in the national press.

We can research, write or edit copy – what do you need?

Talk to us about your project. Let’s see how we can help you. Here’s what we’ve done for other clients:

We can also run executive social media workshops for your senior leadership team.

“Thank you for our social media training. It was hugely interesting
and informative. Highly recommended.”

Marketing Manager at energy technology company.