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Business Writers Limited - creating engaging conversations

If you need writing that creates engaging conversations with employees, customers and partners, give us a call.

We enable Marketing and PR teams to deliver corporate communications that inspire people, build brands and drive change.

UK and EU clients operating in various sectors have been relying on us to craft such copy since 2002.

We may even have worked with someone like you before – and so already have a reasonable idea of what you might need.

Our experience includes:

      • helping employees from different cultures share their success stories with multinational colleagues
      • creating news articles that raise the profile of technology startups and scaleups, as well as business leaders
      • writing brochures and websites to champion dynamic businesses and innovation clusters in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Our writing has:

      • promoted financial services, alternative investments, ESG compliance and risk management
      • explained the benefits of bio-tech, agri-tech, renewable energy and advanced manufacturing
      • made international paint markets interesting and a publisher’s strategy narrative readable.

Creative agencies have commissioned us to write their own website copy. Government agencies have called on us to attract, retain and support growing businesses. Industry leaders have relied on us to communicate their strategic vision to shareholders, employees and customers.

Now let’s see how we can help you today.

Does your writing bring your brand to life?

Are your written communications engaging and persuasive? Will your marketing messages deliver on your business goals? Do your reports, blogs and briefs help inform, persuade and inspire customers, employees, suppliers and investors?

Those questions might be keeping you awake at night, particularly if you are a brand, marketing or sales director. You know that it’s not just what you write that influences people – but how you write. Your choice of words, your tone of voice, your ideas; they all matter.

Experts also agree that good writing is as important to the user experience as good design. It encourages people to engage with your messages, invest in your brand and ultimately buy from your business. As the Cluetrain Manifesto put it in 1998: “markets are conversations” and authentic writing is your way of creating those conversations with internal and external audiences.

While you are probably quite good at writing, you are almost certainly too busy dealing with broader business issues to do it yourself. Instead, you need someone you can trust to craft relevant, effective and timely stories for you. Someone who can interrogate a brief or senior executives and then turn complex ideas into convincing copy.

You want someone who will research, write and edit content that inspires people, builds brands and drives change. Someone who understands your different audiences and what works for them in digital and print publications. Someone who can deliver copy that helps you by creating engaging conversations with your online and offline audiences.

If that’s what you need, please speak to Huw Sayer at Business Writers Limited.

“Just got round to reading this. It’s really great. I don’t have any amends, not even minor ones. Thank you!
It is so refreshing to get such a thorough, well structured article.”
Senior Digital Editor at award winning content marketing agency.

We can research, write and edit copy – just tell us what you need and when

Talk to us about your project, your timings and your budget. Let’s see how we can help you. Here’s how we’ve helped other clients:

  • Brand and communications strategy development
  • Customer research interviews and success stories
  • Business intelligence reports and market analysis
  • Websites (B2B and B2C)
  • International content marketing
  • Sales brochures and factsheets
  • Magazine articles and blogs
  • Employee engagement newsletters
  • Strategic narratives for annual reports
  • Business plans.

Simplicity reveals weak ideas but reinforces strong ideas.