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Huw Sayer – Chief Engagement Officer

Brand builder, knowledge sharer, network facilitator, business writer and editor.
Huw Sayer, Chief Engagement Officer

Huw Sayer

My mission is to help you develop engaging conversations that inspire people, build brands and drive change. I enjoy unearthing stories about dynamic individuals and the companies they create. I’m also fascinated by new business ideas and how advances in technology are shaping society.

“Huw is an expert at summarising, clarifying and finding the right context for an article.
He can really dig into your business and write a clear story which touches base.”
– People & Organisation Manager at leading global consultancy.

Whatever your sector or market, I can help you created effective internal, external and investor communications. Clients past and present include global investment banks, multinational manufacturers, fintech providers, B2B SaaS platforms, regional development agencies, and government organisations. Now you can call on my 25-years of marketing experience to help you achieve your marketing and business objectives.

Since going freelance in 2002, I’ve developed many creative partnerships with clients who value the written word. In writing copy for their business, I’ve helped them build their their brands by engaging with their customers, employees and supply chain partners. If you share my passion and need help developing your strategic communications, please get in touch.

Outside of work, I use social media and speaking engagements to champion innovation and culture in Norfolk and Suffolk. My aim is to encourage more people to visit our region and more businesses to invest here. You can see some of my work in the Dynamic East series created by Mustard TV in 2016 that shone a spotlight on the business community in East Anglia – see the Youtube link below.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs:
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E: LetsTalk@business-writers.co.uk
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Huw Sayer presenting Dynamic East on Mustard TV

Exploring the dynamic business sectors of Norfolk and Suffolk – October 2016.

I was delighted to have this opportunity to share my passion for enterprise in the East of England. It was great fun working with talented producers and camera crew. As well as drafting the scripts, I conducted the interviews and (in my first TV appearance) presented the series.

If you’d like me to present your corporate video or do any voice-over work, please get in touch.