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Would you like to build your professional brand on social media with other business leaders?

Let us help you engage your audience in productive conversations
We can help you engage with your industry community on LinkedIn

From defining your social media strategy to developing ideas and creating content, you can count on us. We can mentor your marketing team and even help your senior executives to build their social media capabilities. It’s entirely up to you.

As with all good conversations, we’ll start by listening – to you, your customers and your wider industry community. This is because we personalise our social media advice to meet your needs. We are not offering an autofill service.

Our aim is to help you present your brand accurately and authentically. It involves getting to understand your business strategy. By working with you (like a team member not a supplier) we will help you find your online voice.

We can also work with your marketing team to:

  • Audit your current social media profiles and activities
  • Research your audience, who you should listen to and talk to, and why
  • Identify how social media fits with your sales and marketing strategy
  • Grow your network naturally and segment it if possible
  • Engage in authentic conversations with relevant people
  • Research your business stories and plan your content
  • Write and post original content for you to share
  • Edit content drafted by you or your team
  • Curate content that resonates with your audience.
Your customers want to talk to you, not to us

However, we won’t run your social media accounts day-to-day. That’s because we believe social media is your opportunity to engage directly with your customers. They don’t want an outsourced relationship, they want to talk to you and your team.

You keep control of your social media

We will always agree costs and timings in advance. We will also ensure you keep control of your accounts (including protecting your passwords). Above all, we’ll ensure your online personality stays true to your brand.

Let’s talk

Give us a call and let’s talk it through. We can then tailor a proposal for you to consider. Better still, if you’re in East Anglia, let’s meet to discuss your needs over coffee.