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Business Writers: Reading round-up 30 June 2024

1) Sustainability for businesses in Suffolk – event 11 July

New Anglia Growth Hub will be hosting a sustainability workshop for any business owner in Suffolk at any stage of their sustainability journey. Get practical advice on how to build sustainability into your business model and build a resilient future. More details here: Business Sustainability for Suffolk businesses (newangliagrowthhub.co.uk).

2) Sustainability in policy making

The Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership has a policy hub for anyone interested in making or influencing sustainability policies at a local, national and international level. This seems particularly relevant to business leaders who are keen to help build a consensus in industry for tackling climate change. More details here: Policy hub | Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

3) Creating sustainable communities

The think-tank Create Streets has produced its manifesto ahead of the general election (this Thursday 4 July – please remember to vote!). It sets out its vision for more homes, with gentle density and ‘greening up’, regenerative development, stronger towns and sustainable living patterns. More details here: Create Streets manifesto – Create Streets.

4) New network committed to developing talent and skills

Innovate UK is inviting businesses across the UK to join it in developing a strong and sustainable pipeline of innovation talent and skills. The aim is to create a network of like-minded organisations that can support and benefit from a connected innovation and skills system. Find out more here: The Commitment to Talent and Skills – Innovate UK Business Connect (ktn-uk.org).

Busy week of work (and some personal stuff) so not as many big reads to share this week.

However – there’s one excellent job below.


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